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About The Gurkha Woodcock Inn

Enjoy magnificent dishes and an impeccable service at The Gurkha today. Featuring the finest selection of Indian & Nepalese takeaway, our menu is excellent for all kinds of customers. There are many different styles, varieties, and options available for our customers. Our distinctive flavours will activate your taste senses right away. The food that we have is not just flavourful but also impressive in terms of looks. We take a keen interest in preparing our dishes to the highest standards. The experience that you will have at our premises will thus be a memorable one. Our menu is skillfully prepared to provide fantastic options for customers who are dining solo or with others. The service at our establishment is also enviable. We are a passionate restaurant that is always excited to see our customers get satisfied. We offer our services with devotion and we never fall short of giving our customers the best. The Gurkha is perfect for enjoying fantastic services with friends, family or by yourself. The great blend of quality food and great services puts us ahead of everyone else. We are always ready to welcome new customers and the menu is always superb.

The Gurkha Woodcock Inn Restaurant

We are located at Woodcock Inn, Woodcock Hill Felbridge RH19 2RE area. Come and enjoy the best hospitality services at our establishment. The atmosphere here is fantastic and it just complements the amazing dishes detailed in our vast menu. Feast on the finest selection of Indian & Nepalese takeaway dishes. Our restaurant offers customers various kinds of services. Local deliveries are available for all customers in our area. To order for your favourite dishes, get our apps from the App Store or Google Play. Make an order today and enjoy quality services from The Gurkha restaurant.

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